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Women's boxing and its benefits

These days, it is becoming increasingly common to see women practicing boxing, unlike the stereotype created in relation to women's physical activity, from ballet to gymnastics, etc.

Boxing, when practiced by men and women together, benefits the vision of the man before the woman, creates a new model of woman, capable of practicing the same sport as the man, thus contrary to the view of the fragile woman.

At the same time, practicing contact sports not only improves one's own body, but also provides in contact situations (using technique, glove or even combat), proximity to the body of the opposite sex, focused on the task of sports and not from a plan of seduction.

It allows to combine sport with pleasure, pleasure in the training plan, distancing ourselves a little from the tendency of women to do physical activity purely for aesthetic and beauty goals: to lose weight, to shape the figure (although it is also a benefit but not the only one) .

At the physical level it improves all the coordination, physical form, endurance, strength, which is a great type of training for those who want to improve all their physical abilities.

At the psychological level, it helps control various emotions, from control, anxiety, fear to adversary, which leads to increased self-esteem. The concentration and control of the nerves acquired in the learning of boxing helps a lot in the day-to-day.
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