According to the definition of the Order of Nutritionists, "the nutritionist is a health professional who directs his action to safeguard human health through health promotion, prevention and treatment of disease by evaluation, diagnosis, prescription and food and nutritional intervention ( ...), through a professional practice that has been scientifically proven and constantly improved ".

Food re-education is part of the process of a personalized approach. The sharing of technical-scientific knowledge through a simple language, aims to instruct the patient to make assertive food choices. Promoting patients' autonomy and self-responsibility for their health status allows them to guide, clarify and promote a healthy and sustained nutritional status over time.

The nutritional intervention performed by Dr. Caroline Leandro is always very close to the patient. The presence and daily availability is provided through the mobile application Nutrium, exclusive to patients. It allows an online monitoring of the progress and fulfillment of the goals being an important motivating agent throughout the process.

The application becomes a daily company, with alerts of meal times, and access to the food plan on the mobile phone itself. Another advantage is that you do not have to wait for the next appointment to make adjustments to your food plan; if you have any questions or if your routine changes, simply contact the nutritionist through the application chat, and the times or composition of your meal are updated and clarified.

Nutrition consultations are patient-centered, with a study of dietary habits, preferences and beliefs that are reported during the consultation, and which are listened to with great attention by the nutritionist. This together with the patient enables realistic strategies and adjustments in dietary behavior in accordance with the daily routine in a personalized way.

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