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Weight lifting and heavy lifting exercises can be one of the fears women have when joining the gym because they want to avoid being "too masculine" or "getting too big". However, this level of having a “man's body” is difficult for a woman to reach.

5 reasons why women should lift weights:

1: Developing good movement patterns and reducing pain - strength training can help keep moving without pain

2: Improved self-confidence and healthy goal selection ​​- strength training programs can improve body image.

3: Increased Resting Metabolic Rate - will help with fat loss

4: Reduced risk of metabolic syndrome - strength training helps reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease

5: Improved and Protected Bone Density - Helps Keep Your Bones Strong and Healthy


This receipt should be replaced by a concern about losing muscle mass, since after the age of 30, as women, they would lose about 3% to 8% of muscle, and this rate of loss is more accentuated after the age of 60 years.

Less muscle increases the risk of falls and injuries, which is another reason strength training is so important as it helps maintain muscle mass and strength over the years.



Fight for your health and good training,

Cristiana Rosa