Evox Fitness Concept


1. To reduce fat mass I should only do cardiovascular exercise.
To reduce fat mass it is also necessary to do strength training. Strength training allows:
- Maintain or increase muscle mass and consequently the resting metabolic rate;
- Enables an increase in the post-workout fat oxidation rate;
- Increased levels of lactic acid, with a consequent drop in pH, which will release growth hormone, which regulates body fat, into the bloodstream.

2. Training with a lot of clothes makes you sweat more and thus lose more weight.
True, training with a lot of clothing makes you sweat more, but at weight loss goal level it doesn't have that effect.
- When losing weight does not necessarily have to be associated with fat reduction;
- When sweating more and more, it leads our body to dehydration, and what is lost is merely liquids that are replaced when water is ingested.

3. I do a lot of sit-ups to lose belly volume.
The abdominal is like any other muscle, as such, it is important to be trained weekly and not because you do too many sit-ups that it will be possible to lose volume in this area.
It is only possible to lose that volume if there is consistency in training level as well as an eating plan according to your needs.

Good training!
Text by Diogo Lopes