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Physical activity can be considered one of the most effective treatments against excess body weight, as it stimulates increased activity of the SNS (sympathetic nervous system), which allows the control of energy substrate flows. The increase in energy expenditure in response to increased SNS activity may have an action in reducing appetite, increasing resting metabolic rate and greater action on fat oxidation.(15)(16)

The energy savings of the activity (energy expenditure/ work performed) is modified by the intensity, muscle group used and the variation of the motivation involved. There are also differences in the predisposition of individuals in relation to physical activity, depending on the type of muscle fiber and metabolic characteristics.(17)

The physical exercise that produces a high caloric expenditure (approximately 2,000 kcal/week) contributes to the negative energy balance (energy expenditure > energy consumption, favoring the weight loss process.(18)

Physical exercise can be considered the most powerful physiological "challenge" for the health of the human body. This requires a great metabolic adjustment to increase the production ofoxygenium  and energy in performing muscle work, thus causing significant increases in energy above resting values. (17).

In conclusion, the properly monitored practice of a physical activity, potentiates the loss of body fat, so any individual who aspires to weight loss should seek to do so consciously, it is suggested to seek a professional in the area.

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