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How much Cardio should I take to lose weight, gain strength or increase strength?

One question that plagues gyms users is "what is the ideal time for aerobic training?".

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First, we must know what the goal is then to properly add aerobic training, intensity and consequently time. Following are three common objectives among gym users:

Cardio for Increased Resistance

If the goal is increased cardiopulmonary capacity and endurance, aerobic training should be done before any other, so that we would have all our energy reserves available to maximize this training. The training should be of moderate to high intensity, and the time can vary from 20 to 40 minutes depending on the physical condition of each.

I want to increase resistence

Cardio for Strength and Muscle Mass

If the goal of the workout is to increase strength or muscle mass, we must first perform the training of bodybuilding, by optimizing energy reserves to ensure a better performance in muscle contractions. After the end of this training, one can begin the practice of aerobic activities. So we will use the rest of the carbohydrate reserves and fat reserves as the main fuel for this step. The ideal is to perform in low intensity, in an average of 20 minutes.

I want to increase muscle mass

Cardio to Lose Weight

If the goal is to lose weight (decrease the percentage of fat), we should also prioritize the practice of weight training before aerobic training. This is because, when we begin the training with weights, we consume the carbohydrate reserves, then the fats act as the main source of energy during the aerobic activity. If after the end of the training we do not consume calories, we will consume more fat during this period of recovery to resynthesize the sources of muscular energy spent in the activity. The ideal in this case is 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic activities of low and medium intensity, which can be interval training or even low intensity for a longer time, it will all depend on how the athlete's physical condition is.

I want to lose weight

In short, the human body is a constantly discovering machine. It does not have the right and the wrong, but what is ideal for your body. Personal Trainers recommends that you review your situation and your concrete goals with a qualified professional to get the best out of your specific workout.

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Rui Madeira text adapted from Bau, G.