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Yo-yo diets

Yo-yo diets are defined by a quick weight loss in short therm, regaining the weight some time later. In this process, the person loses weight in weeks or even days, but isn’t able to maintain it and eventually recovers it soon.

In time, the boundaries of these extreme diets have consequences such as depression and fatigue, which makes it difficult to keep the regime. The person can fail to achieve the goals and quickly return to the old habbits, with the extra emocional effects of having failled to complete the diet.

Therefore, this emocional state takes many people to eat even worse than they used to and, in consequence, to recover the weight loss.

Like every food regimes, the yo-yo has advantages and disadvantages, from the quick weight loss to some health implications and weight oscillations.


Quick weight loss. That’s due to the low calorie ingestion during the diet.

Short-therm diet.

These are very strict regimes. The person doing it usually ends up quiting. Besides, because of the quick weight loss, it’s not necessary to keep the diet for too long.

Toxins elimination. Some of these regimes focus on the toxin elimination, which  can harm the weight loss attempts.

Fast fat burn.

The fruit diet is a great example of a yo-yo diet, that accelerates the fat burnt by the body. Fruits like pineaple and papaya help to break molecules, accelerating weight loss.


Nutricional insufficiency . These diets don’t value the nutricional needs of the body, what matters are the calories ingested. That’s not good for your health because of the lack of vitamins  and other important nutrients.

Doing many of the hip diets or maintaining them of too long can harm your overall health and well-being.

People easily win back the lost weight.

False weight loss. These are diets based on low calorie ingestion and poor quantity of food portions, as well as focused on the quick weight loss. Usually what follows is a period of regaining the weight or even increasing it. This happens because the person cannot keep the weight when return to the old food regime.

Personal Trainers advice to get a balanced and healthy diet and mix it with exercise, and you’ll get the goals you want in long therm. You will feel the difference, trust us!

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